Workout Music Studio: Unleash the Power of your Music !

If you like to workout to music or improve your fitness through interval training, then you'll probably love Workout Music Studio.

Workout Music Studio is a software tool that can:

Workout Music Studio is also very simple to work with. Just download it and see for yourself. It can't get any easier.

Download Workout Music Studio

Feature Summary
  • Converts the pace of CD Tracks, MP3, iTunes (M4A,MP4), WMA, OGG and WAV Files.
  • Automatic or manual pace detection of music files.
  • Creates smooth mixes for a smooth workout
  • Saves newly paced music as MP3, WMA, OGG and WAV files.
  • Preseves the audio pitch and quality - only changes the pace.
  • Enables adding interval training cues on top of the music at specified interval periods
  • Very simple to operate - convert your first track in seconds.

Screen Shots

Changing the pace of a song or CD track

Step 1

Select the file or track that you wish to change the pace for.

Step 2

Set the new pace for that track.

Step 3

Save the newly paced track as an MP3 file (or other type).

Interval training cues

Creating workout mixes